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A familiar site?

As the saying goes: “Tidying up after children when they’re still growing, is like shovelling snow when it’s still snowing”.

Now, we all know that as long as kids are living in your house, it’s more than likely to never look the way that you want it to. In fact, when things are at the very least ‘tidy’, you can at least be content… that’s of course until the next playtime session starts again!

Life for those who have children in their lives are busy to say the least. Tips, tricks and flat-pack solutions are commonplace, but by incorporating your expectations into activities (such as story time) then you can get children to think differently about their toys and their place in your home.

Applying care

Do they have a favourite toy? By getting your little ones to identify their favourite toys you can highlight how important it is to look after them so they don’t become lost. Putting their toys away in the same place after playing with them will mean they know exactly where to get it from next time.

P-p-p-pick up ‘picking up’ practice

From a young age, teach your child to pick up after themselves before getting the next thing out. It’s amazing how simple but effective this can be – by making this a habit, you can potentially slow down the chaos that unfolds in the 2mins when you have to use the toilet!

Sitting down with a story

When reading together, use examples such as Bobby & Morph have friends to stay – subtly explaining how it’s not only for your benefit that things are tidy, but that their friends won’t want to come over to play in a messy environment.

Tidy-up time!

For those looking to be super ambitious, implement a 10-min ‘tidy-up’ rule at a regular time each day. This could start as being just before sitting up for dinner, and then growing to be a habit that happens before bedtime too.