Bobby & Morph


Why won’t they go to bed?

Ever get that feeling you're being watched...? Ah, the topic that really feels like a 'holy grail' moment. Introducing: the nightly challenge - to get your kids to go to bed... and stay there. One of the most difficult nuts to crack, the art of bedtime has been a...

I believe in miracles: teaching to be tidy

A familiar site? As the saying goes: "Tidying up after children when they're still growing, is like shovelling snow when it's still snowing". Now, we all know that as long as kids are living in your house, it's more than likely to never look the way that you want it...

Sorry needn’t be the hardest word

Giving apologies and forgiveness can be difficult at any age! We've all been there... making a mistake that we needed to apologise for, or being asked to forgive someone whom we felt had wronged us. Both situations can be tricky to deal with as an adult, so how do we...

Sharing is caring

Children generally understand the concept of sharing at about age three It's not uncommon for most children aged 4-7 put their own needs first, and can get upset when the needs of others get in the way. At times it can be difficult to watch as your little one can't...

“Just think Morph, tomorrow is another chance to help someone all over again!”

Reviews and Testimonials

“Really very good books that both of my children enjoy reading. The characters and the message are a real talking point, which is exactly what you want when trying to teach your kids about being kind and considerate in the world. Highly recommended and have bought the whole series so hope there is more to come.”

I ordered this for my 2 year old boy, he loved the story and also the illustrations. He’s young but the book is a great way to start introducing him to complex moral topics and getting him to think about kindness and respect. Bobby and Morph is a great book for providing talking points with children but without it being laborious as the characters are so cute and appealing.

Bobby and Morph help the man who didn’t have a house tells the story of friendship and also tackles homelessness. There is a great message of kindness and friendship. It is a story for an older child (7+), with lots of words on each page, although there are beautiful pencil line illustrations on a number of pages.

Beautiful books with a hidden message. All of us, old and young, can benefit from these.

I bought this book for a friend who has grandchildren aged 4 and 5. They loved the story and the poems inside, whilst the adults loved the feel the book gives… its like a hybrid of Beatrix Potter, Winnie-the-Pooh and Paddington Bear! I look forward to reading the next book when it comes out.

I purchased 2 of these books for my little girl who is 3 years old. The story behind each book is brilliant and so well thought of, its very refreshing to be able to read a story to my little girl which teaches children to be nice and to think of others.

We bought this book for our 7yr old daughter and she loved it, reading it to her younger brother at bed time. The characters are endearing and the story was easy to follow with a nice meaning behind it. Highly recommended.


Discover the wonderful world of Bobby & Morph through a series of 'modern classics'.

Great children stories to build awarness of modern issues, promoting kindness and good morals