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Small, wavy haired, cute and rugged: Bobby is the term “lovable character” personified.  He is self-aware, self-assured and friendly to everyone… the kind of personality you wish there was more of in the world.

Well grounded, grateful, thoughtful and ‘the brains of the operation’; Bobby seems to just get on with it. With his chipper attitude and a key eye for adventure, there is only one stipulation before he sets off anywhere; that he’s never without his best friend Morph.


Once you’ve resisted the urge to throw your arms around his big, slightly squidgy body, you learn that although he may be slightly slow on the uptake, he’s always keen to please and quick to make you laugh… even when he doesn’t mean to.

A sensitive and gentle soul, Morph’s special ability is to always see the best in everyone no matter how they treat him; bumbling through his adventures without a care in the world, loving everyone and everything he comes into contact with.

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Ross Fisher, Author

Ross lives in Essex and wrote many of the Bobby & Morph collection whilst commuting to work.

Since first publication in 2017, his heart-warming children’s books have been read by children all over the United Kingdom and have been described as ‘modern classics’.

Visits, Readings and Press Enquiries

Ross has experience in giving live readings to KS1 children in schools, as well as Q&A sessions with pupils in secondary school. He has also been interviewed on BBC radio, LBC and local radio, too.

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